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Inspired by Kids

10 remarkable moments from 2013.
Ten moments 2013 Impact Report
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Joan Magruder, PresidentWelcome to our 2013 Annual Report "Inspired by Kids: 10 Remarkable Moments of 2013".

We are grateful that we have the opportunity to witness amazing and memorable moments every single day at St. Louis Children's Hospital. From the tiniest heart patient to the teenager who finishes his last round of chemo, the kids we care for inspire us with their tenacity and capacity for hope. We are continually thankful that our patients and their families bring us into their lives, into their personal moments of joy and sorrow.

For this year's Annual Report, we've decided to share 10 of those moments with you. As you scroll through, you'll see that there's additional information about each child's moment and story. We hope you'll want to learn more about the research, quality care and outstanding staff that make Children's such a special place. You can also download our 2013 Donor Impact Report to see the impact we had last year thanks to the generosity of donors in our community and beyond.

Our sincere thanks to our physicians and staff, donors, volunteers and supporters. You not only make these moments possible, but you make sure that we can live up to our mission every day, and do what's right for kids.

Joan Magruder, President, St. Louis Children's Hospital

We are the fortunate ones.

At St. Louis Children's Hospital, our grateful patients present us with pictures, cards and even hugs every day, to thank us. They may not know it, but the greatest gift they give us is inspiration. Our patients and their families demonstrate strength and resilience that motivate us to keep learning, researching and working as hard as we can to fulfill our mission of doing what's right for kids. We're proud to share these 10 inspiring moments from 2013, and stories of the kids who are our heroes.

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April 20 |

Madison takes her first easy breaths with new lungs.

KSDK viewers tuned in to watch Madison receive new lungs on the final episode of The Frontline for Hope, the Emmy-award winning documentary series on St. Louis Children's Hospital.

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January 28 |

Claire meets her hero, in the place that saves lives every day.

Hoping to bring smiles to faces, window washers dressed up as Spider Man, to surprise and delight patients and their families.

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August 23 |

Clown Docs bring their 51,000th smile to Children's Hospital.

Founded in 1998 and funded entirely by donations to the hospital, the Clown Docs are five professionally trained clowns who use humor to distract patients and relieve stress for kids, families and staff.

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August 1 |

Michael Wefelmeyer achieves a perfect ACT score.

While enduring grueling chemotherapy to put his ALL leukemia in remission, the high school junior earns a perfect 36 on the ACT, proving that anything is possible.

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July 9 |

Mandatory newborn heart screenings are signed into law in Missouri.

The non-invasive screening tests for congenital heart disease a mere 24 hours after birth, and could save thousands of lives each year.

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July 16 |

Maya delivers gifts for the babies in the NICU.

A former NICU baby herself, Maya decided to forgo gifts for her 4th birthday and instead collect items for Children's from her family and friends.

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November 6 |

Rams lineman Kendall Langford thanks doctors for saving his daughter.

On the Honor Roll of U.S.News & World Reports Best Children's Hospitals, St. Louis Children's Hospital cared for Langford's daughter Kylie, born eight weeks early and weighing only 3 lbs., 9 oz.

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November 11 |

Caleb goes home with a new heart.

Through his family's facebook page "Pray for Caleb," 100,000 people all over the world kept a tiny boy in their thoughts as he received a new heart and went home after spending nearly all of his 8 months of life in Children's Hospital.

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July 9 |

Gabby gets her sparkle back.

After a successful cord blood stem cell transplant, the former sickle cell patient excitedly returns to normal second grade life, "bedazzled" as usual.

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December 23 |

Galen's spirit continues to warm hearts.

In honor of a courageous 16-year-old who lost his battle with leukemia, friends and family make and give away hundreds of fleece blankets to patients spending the holidays at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

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Thank You

We hope you've enjoyed spending time with our 2013 Annual Report, and that you're as inspired as we are by our patients. Please share their stories with your family and friends.


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